Autumn Retreat

October 8th - 12th 2018



Are your passion projects not getting the time they deserve?
Are your to-do lists getting in the way of actually getting shit done?
Need headspace to work out what to do next?
Or just simply space and time to create?

Winter is coming! Harvest your ideas, re-energise and enjoy the warm Portuguese climate at our autumn retreat. We'll transport you to a beautiful secret location - with space to work on a project and support from a group of people as awesome as you. Outside of focused work sessions, we'll be offering healthy, fun activities to help you be the best you that you can be! Be it surfing, yoga, walking, dancing, painting, eating together - because that's really where the magic happens. 


2018-03-19 15.44.39.jpg


The daily flow will vary depending on the activities and weather. We want you to follow your own rhythm, but we also encourage taking part in the activities. 

Workshops are lead by the attendees who have skills they would like to share. We believe that you get what you give - collaborating and sharing knowledge is what Slo-Working is all about.



  • Arrival and welcome dinner

Monday - Thursday

  • Morning Yoga and meditation
  • Breakfast, check in and set intentions
  • Focused work, activity or workshop
  • Lunch
  • Focused work, activity or workshop
  • Dinner
  • Storytelling or games


  • Morning Yoga and meditation
  • Activity and check-out
  • Lunch
  • Goodbyes



For those interested we will organise activities over the weekend before and/or after the retreat, just let us know when you apply.



  • Nature right on your doorstep

  • 5 nights Accommodation 

  • Tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner - veggie, vegan and meat options

  • Drinks with dinner

  • Tea, coffee & fruit

  • Airport transfer and transport to group activities during the week

  • Local knowledge

  • Space to work

  • WiFi

  • Daily yoga classes and meditation

  • A supportive group

  • Skill-share Workshops

  • Great vibes


Accommodation & Prices

€500 - Shared room

€600 - Private room


Prepare for your retreat

Allow for around 4 hours of focused work a day. Although we offer work space and Wifi, you might find you get more value through relaxing, reflecting, writing, drawing or sharing.

The time of focused work is self directed, so make sure you come prepared. If you just want time to think, write, knit, read, do Sudoku or practice hand stands that's up to you!

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